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The Switch Superior

Saving energy and optimising the climate inside a poultry house are top priorities for every
poultry farmer. Temperature and ventilation play a big part in the ideal circumstances for
poultry to perform. The SwitchSuperior Compact Heat Exchanger takes polluted, CO2-rich air
from the poultry house, and exchanges this for fresh, O2-rich air. The built-in exchanger block
takes heat from the outgoing air to warm the fresh incoming air, which substantially improves the poultry house climate.

Because you will need less heating for the incoming air, using the compact heat exchanger can
save up to 80% on your energy consumption. The dry, warm, incoming air, results in dryer litter
and therefore less foot sole problems. The poultry house will have a healthier climate because of
the significantly lower ammonia, dust and odour-levels.

The SwitchSuperior by Multiheat is the first top-quality Compact Heat Exchanger in the poultry
sector. Using the latest fabrication technologies, the exchanger block is made of high-end
aluminum and has an outstanding heat-exchanging capacity. The powerful fans provide the
perfect airflow. The housing of the SwitchSuperior is made of insulated polyester panels, which
are durable, easy to clean and can't corrode.

Available in 5000 m3/h (2.940 cfm) and 9000 m3/h (5.300 cfm)
Heat recovery efficiency up to 80%
Adjustable air supply unit
Compact unit size
Easy to install (and add to existing ventilation system)
Easy to operate (through existing climate computer in the poultry house)
Low maintenance, easy to clean and disinfect

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