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RAUVITHERM - The highly flexible solution

Thanks to several soft insulating foam layers and the corrugated, resistant outer jacket RAUVITHERM is a pipe system that is highly flexible and very robust at the same time. This also enables extremely complex connections in heating networks as well as connections under cramped space conditions.


System properties

- Fully bonded outer jacket to the top layer of insulation

- Profiled outer jacket ensures flexibility with low bending forces and small bending radius

- Robust, solid jacket suitable for construction sites

- Highly thermal insulation due to the multi-layer composition and low thermal conductivity of the insulating layers

- Highly reliable thanks to the corrosion resistance of the materials

- Coil lengths of up to 300m reduces the use of connecting joints

- Complete pipe and fittings product range

- UNO pipes sizes available from 25mm to 125mm

- Efficient DUO pipes sizes available from 2 x 25mm to 2 x 63mm


Carrier pipes

The water-bearing carrier pipe in RAUVITHERM is made from high pressure crosslinked polyethylene (PE-Xa).

The carrier pipes are crosslinked via the addition of peroxide under high pressure and at a high temperature during manufacturing.

During this process the macromolecules combine to form a three-dimensional, stable network.

PE-Xa pipes are produced to DIN 16892 / DIN 16893 and DIN EN ISO 15875 in the pressure levels SDR 11 or SDR 7.4

The term "SDR" stands for "Standard Dimension Ratio" and describes the ratio of the external diameter to the wall thickness of the pipe.

The SDR number therefore serves indirectly to determine the pressure resistance.

The smaller the SDR number, the thicker the walls of, and the more

pressure-resistant the pipe.


Material properties of PE-Xa carrier pipe

- Very high chemical resistance

- Very low roughness (k = 0.007 mm)

- Permanently low pressure loss

- Long-term corrosion resistance

- High shape retention

- High temperature resistance, in the event of malfunctioning energy source control system

- High pressure resistance

- Robust and flexible at the same time

- Excellent resistance to point loads

Carrier pipe SDR 11

The PE-Xa carrier pipes SDR 11 are predominantly used for the transport of

recirculated water in the area of heating and cooling. For this reason, they

have an additional oxygen diffusion barrier made of EVOH to DIN 4726. The

colour of these pipes is orange.

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