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Condensing boiler have come a long way in the last few years with some manufacturers claiming  up to 97% thermal efficiency  compared to 70%-80% with previous designs.

Typical models offer efficiencies around 90%, which brings most brands of condensing gas boiler in to the highest available categories for energy efficiency in the UK.

Boiler performance is based on the efficiency of heat transfer and highly dependent on boiler size/output and emitter size/output. System design and installation are critical. Matching the radiation kW to the kW output of the boiler and careful selection of the correct heat emitter determines the overall efficiency of the heating system.

The biggest reason for efficiency drop in gas boilers is because the design and/or implementation of the heating system gives return water temperatures at the boiler of over 55°C (131°F), which prevents significant condensation in the heat exchanger.

The lower the return temperature to the boiler the more likely it will be in condensing mode. If the return temperature is kept below approximately 55°C (131°F), the boiler should be in condensing mode making low temperature applications such as underfloor heating and warm air blowers a perfect match for the technology.

Most agricultural boiler installers produce a basic "fit all" system that results in the boiler running in-efficiently. Although this approach may still exceed that of older/existing boilers they will never achieve the 90+% thermal efficiency claimed.

The set up and control of a condensing boiler is also crucial to ensuring that it operates in the most economic and fuel efficient way.

All LPG/Natural gas boilers installed by GEOTEK have modulating burners. The burners are controlled by an embedded system with built-in logic to control the output of the burner to match the load and give best performance.

Correctly designed, installed and well maintained systems are the most efficient systems
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